In this tutorial, you will learn to create Instagram page. Instagram is most popular social media platform where you can share pictures and videos. It will help you to increase your fan following, and ROI. If you did not create your Instagram page yet, then follow the steps to create your account.

Step 1 Download the App

Firstly, download Instagram application in your smartphone, tablet and or computer through the Apple iOS, and or Google play store.

Here are the links:
1. Apple iOS
2. Google Play Store

Step 2 Sign Up

Once you install the app, launch it, and tap on Sign Up:
1. Enter your username.
2. Create an account with your email or phone, and then verify your ownership through code.
How to Create Instagram Page 3

Step 3 Find Facebook Friends and Contacts

On the next step, you will be asked to find your Facebook friends and contacts. You can skip it for now. I would like to recommend you complete your profile first and do it later once you are ready.
find contacts - instagram

Step 4 Add Profile Picture

That is picture time! Add your profile picture after tapping Add a Photo. If this is your business account, then add your business logo as a profile picture.
add profile picture - instagram

Step 5 Complete your Profile

Tap on the profile picture in the bottom right corner, then tap on Edit Profile button to complete your profile info.
How to Create Instagram Page 5

Step 6 Switch to Professional Account

If you create a business account, then switch your personal account to professional account to take the advantages of business tools.

Follow the steps to switch your personal account to professional account:
1. Go to your profile and tap on menu icon in the upper right corner.
menu icon - instagram
2. Tap settings option from the list.
Settings account option - instagram
3. Tap on Switch to Professional account option from the list.
How to Create Instagram Page 1
4. Under Business. Tap on Next link.
How to Create Instagram Page 2
5. On the next screen, tap Continue button continuously until it takes you to the next step.
How to Create Instagram Page 4
6. Tap on Next button to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page. If you did not create a Facebook page yet, then check out our tutorial to Create a Facebook page.
7. Fill out your contact info and tap on Done button to finish the setup.
review contact info - instagram

Congratulations! Your Instagram business account is successfully created.

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What kind of Page you created on Instagram? Share with us in comment section.

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