A step by step guide to get higher rankings for WordPress sites

WordPress is one of the best CMS (content management system) when it comes to SEO. But even though there is much more that you can do to improve your performance.

Optimizing your WordPress site using the tactics and best practices outlined in this tutorial will help you improve your rankings, and have a better website in general.

Before We Start: Why On-Page SEO is important?
On-page SEO will make your website able to crawl in search engines. You cannot rank a website higher in search engine if website is not search engine friendly. What if you will do off-Page SEO without on-page SEO? Off page SEO will not help to rank your website higher in search engines because your website will not be able to crawl in search engine. That is most important thing that a website must be SEO optimized then you can start off-Page SEO to rank a website keywords in search engines for excellent results. In simple words, Off-page SEO without on-page SEO is like that you are going for a drive on car without tires.

How to do WordPress SEO

Here are main important elements to make a wordpress website SEO optimized:
1. Create high quality content
2. Build mobile-friendly website
3. Speed up your website
4. Basic site setting
5. SEO plugin

1. Create high quality content

The first one high priority and most important part of SEO is content. According to search engine policies, website content must be unique that is called plagiarism free content. If you want to get excellent result, do not use any copyrighted content from any internet source. Content must be according to Google Panda which will help to rank your website higher in Google search engine. And use keywords in your content through which you want to get your website at top in search engines.

How to find best keyword for your website

A keyword, in the context of search engine optimization, is a word or phrase that describes the content of a Web page. Keywords is a part of Web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page of website to with an appropriate search query.
If you plan to write a content for your website, first you need to search for best fit keywords for your website to drive more traffic from search engines. I would highly recommend Google keyword planner to search for the best fit keywords, I always use this tool for keyword searching.

Google Keyword Planner

Search keywords in Google keyword planner
Google Ads keyword planner is best one free tool to search right keywords to write content and to drive more traffic at your website from search engines. It provides keyword estimate searches on Google search engine according to monthly, and yearly basis.

How to check content plagiarism?

There are many websites who are providing tools to check content plagiarism. You can check plagiarism of your articles or words one by one and you can enter your website URL to check website plagiarism. If these tools will find any copyrighted content in your articles or website, they will provide the link of website with copyrighted lines that where its existing on internet.

Here is beneficial top review tools list to check content plagiarism:
i) Smallseotools – To check article or words plagiarism
ii) CopyScape – To check a website or URL plagiarism

Hire a professional content writer

If you are not a content writer or you are not able to arrange any content writer. Then, no problem. There are many freelancing websites where you can hire a professional content writer in affordable price.


Fiverr is best platform for freelancing. Just sign up, search for a writer or create request and hire a top review professional writer for website content. Seller service/gig starting from $5 at fiverr.

2. Build mobile-friendly website

Today, everyone is using smart phone. Mobile user is more than desktop and laptop users. So, it is very important that your website should be mobile friendly. It must be responsive in all devices like laptop, tabs, smart phones etc.
Here is one thing which you must have to keep in mind that whenever you plan to create a website or blog in WordPress CMS then always select a mobile friendly and SEO friendly theme to design your website. So, you will not face any mobile friendly website problem in future.

How to check mobile-friendly website?

There are many tools to check a mobile friendly website. You don’t need to find a device to check your website one by one in all device.

i) Browser
First, I am going to tell you about an easiest way to check a website mobile friendly. If you are using laptop or desktop then you can resize your browser in any resolution to check website compatibility for any device resolution. It must be responsive in all resolutions when you are resizing your browser.
Wordpress on-page seo - resize browser to check mobile friendly website
Second, Open Google chrome, go to a website, right click at web-page and select inspect element option, a new bar will be open in your browser, you will see mobile icon at top left first (Toggle device toolbar), click on it. There you go:
Now you can click at any resolution from top bar to check your website design. There is all information at this top bar when you mouse hover on it, it shows device name (Laptop, tab and mobile etc.) and device resolution (1080px, 720px, and 480px etc.) to make website mobile friendly experience better.
Wordpress on-page seo - toggle device toolbar
ii) Google Mobile-Friendly Test
Google mobile friendly test
Google also provide a tool to test mobile friendly website. Just open Google mobile friendly test, enter your website URL and press run test, that’s it.

WordPress plugins to make a website mobile-friendly

If website is not mobile friendly, here is all beneficial top review plugins list which I would recommend you make a website mobile friendly.
i) WordPress Mobile Pack
ii) Touchy
iii) WPtouch Pro

3. Speed up your website

This is important that a website must be load faster. If it will take time to load which is not good for user experience, you will lose many visitors if you will not take this serious.

How to check website load speed?

Google is providing a tool to check website load speed which is called Google Page Speed Insights.
Google pagespeed insights
Google Page Speed Insights is very useful tool to check your website load performance who provides all information about a website load speed. It rates a website in points from 100 for both desktop and mobile devices. It also calculates a website load speed in seconds. There is another benefit to use Google Page Speed insights that it also provides suggestions to improve a website load speed.

WordPress plugins to increase website load speed

Here is all beneficial top review tools list which I would like to recommend you, use these plugins to increase website load speed score at 100 according to Google page speed insights.
i) Autoptimize plugin – Minify & compress HTML, CSS, & Script
ii) WP Fastest Cache plugin – Website cache
iii) ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin – Compress images

First thing first. Take backup of your website before making any changes to your site. In case if something goes wrong.
Okay now, run a load speed test of website. Then, use these recommended plugins to increase site load speed and check your result again. I am 99.9% sure that you will get a brilliant result.
If you don’t know how to upload plugin then check out our tutorial to upload plugin in WordPress.

4. Basic site setting

WordPress is pretty well-optimized CMS. But, there are some basic steps you should do to increase your chances of ranking:
i) Check your site health
ii) Pick up right permalink structure
ii) Use SSL and HTTPS

5. SEO plugin

Now, we will talk about most important part of On-Page SEO. First, let me tell you little bit more about On-Page SEO. When you start work with SEO plugin, it’s important to know about search engine results. We will talk about Google search engine: Just think a word (or “keyword”) in your mind and search it on google. You will see result like that:

As you can see all names of snippets in the pictures:
i) Title
ii) Description
iii) Slug
iv) Keyword
These are the snippets which you enter by using SEO plugin in a post and/or page.

Important: Enter the focus keyword in every post/page by using SEO plugin which you choose for your article from Google keyword planner or from another keyword planner.
Wordpress on-page seo - Focus keyword

Alt Text: Enter “Alt Text” in your all website images manually. Use your focus keyword in alt text field, it will help your post/page to rank in search engine too.
wordpress on-page seo - alt text areaTip: Your focus keyword should be included in your post/page title, meta description, and in your article heading and paragraph which will extremely help your keyword to rank in search engines.

Best SEO plugin

I am going to mention 2 top reviews and beneficial WordPress on-page SEO plugins which will boost a website up-time to 100 and will help incredibly to rank a website in search engines.
i) Yoast SEO
ii) All in one SEO Pack

In free version, you can enter just one focus keyword. But, if you will buy premium version, you can enter more than one focus keyword. Both SEO plugins in free version, also generates rebot.txt file, schema and sitemap to perform a website better in search engines according to crawlers.

How to check SEO friendly website?

I would like to recommend you a desktop application tool to check your onsite SEO who is brilliant in checking website missing titles, descriptions, and alt text images etc. That is called ScreamingFrog. You can download it from ScreamingFrog.co.uk and install at your device and run test. They have both free and premium version.
Screaming frog seo spider

How to check overall progress of SEO?

Now, you need to check the overall progress of WordPress website On-Page SEO. There are many tools who can track a website overall progress. They give score to your website out of 100. These tools check every point which I mention you in this article e.g. Mobile friendly, website load speed, title, description, alt text, and SSL etc. You can track the progress of your competitors as well.

One of the best website which I would like to recommend you for website On-Page SEO tracking is SEOsiteCheckup.com.
SEO site checkup
Install SSL Certificate at your domain which would help to rank a website in search engines and add website in Google Search Console to track website health and in Google Analytics to track website traffic.

Check out our on-page SEO tools list.
Check out Off-Page SEO Strategy that work amazingly now.

Let us know in comment section if you need any help regarding WordPress on-page SEO.

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