In this tutorial, i tell you how you can install WordPress in cPanel. I wrote the following steps using HostGator account, dashboard steps can be different from your hosting provider but the steps of cPanel are same to install WordPress.

Step 1 Login

Before you install WordPress in your cPanel, login to your hosting account by entering your credentials and go to cPanel or directly log-in to your cPanel.

If you bought hosting from HostGator then follow these steps to get into your cPanel:
1. Once you login to your dashboard, click Hosting from left sidebar menu.
hostgator sidebar menu
2. On the next page, under your domain name, click cPanel.
cpanel link option in hostgator

Step 2 Open WordPress Installer

Once you open your cPanel, scroll to the Softaculous App Installer and click on WordPress from the list.
how to install wordpress in hostgator cpanel 1


You can simply search it by pressing CTRL + F function from your keyboard.
search function

Step 3 Install Now

On the next screen, press Install Now button.
wordpress install now button

Step 4 Enter Detail

In this step, you need to fill out all information to install WordPress on your domain:

  1. Under software setup, choose the version of WordPress (I would like to recommend you choose latest version) and select your domain name at which you want to install WordPress.
    how to install wordpress in hostgator cpanel 3
  2. Under Site Settings, enter your site name and description.
  3. Under Admin Account, enter admin username, password, and email (I would like to recommend you save these credentials in your Word or Excel file for future use).
    admin account form
  4. Under Choose Language, select the language of your WordPress site.
    choose language option
  5. Under Select Plugin(s), check the boxes if you want to add these plugins in your WordPress site.
    extra plugin option

Step 5 Installation Process

Press Install Now button at the end. WordPress installation process will start.
wordpress installation progress

Congratulations, the software was installed successfully!

Now, you can get access to your WordPress dashboard by entering “slash wp-admin” after your domain name. For example:

How to Install WordPress in cPanel | HostGator (Video Guide)

Coming Soon!


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  2. How to install plugin in WordPress

What do you want to do with your website once you install WordPress on your domain? Share with us in comment section.

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