In this tutorial, you will learn that how to install, upload and activate plugin in WordPress. That is super easy to do that. Just follow these steps:

Upload Plugin in WordPress Step 1

First, you need to login into your website dashboard. To get access your dashboard, enter wp-admin in your browser address bar after your website URL. For example: If you install WordPress in your computer then enter Please don’t forget to change /”folder-name”/ with your own custom folder name. Enter your credentials and boom.🙂
How to install and activate plugin in wordpress 1

Step 2

Now, mouse hover to “Plugins” link on your left sidebar menu and click “Add New” from the list. Simply go to Plugins->Add New.
How to upload plugin in wordpress 2

Step 3

Here, you will see all available free plugins by WordPress if you want to search required plugin for you and install it. To upload your own plugin, click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.
How to install and activate plugin in wordpress 3

Step 4

In this step, click the Choose File button to select plugin from your device. Plugin files must be in WinRAR as it is only allowed extension by WordPress to add new plugin. Then, press the Install Now button. WordPress will start uploading and extracting the plugin archive for you.

Step 5

When plugin will be installed, last step you have to do is that press the Activate Plugin button under the message to enable the plugin on your website.
How to install and activate plugin in wordpress 5

That’s it! You can now go to the Plugins -> Installed Plugins to see the newly activated plugin. Keep Creating 🙂

If you did not install any theme yet. Then, read our step by step tutorial for how to upload theme in WordPress dashboard.

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What do you want to do with this plugin once you install plugin? Share with us in comment section.

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